The controversial reason for the breakup between Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet is revealed

“We liberate each other to be what we are learning to become”, with this reflection the actor Jason momoa, known for giving life to Aquaman and for his role in Game of Thrones, he has revealed in his profile of Instagram the decision you have made with Lisa bonnet of separating as a couple after seventeen years.

After four years of marriage and seventeen years together, they have decided to go their separate ways in life. Of course, the actor has assured that the love they have for each other will continue and evolve.

In the emotional statement that has been issued Jason momoa the interpreter explains that the decision to make the breakup public is not because they believe that their relationship should be news, but because you need to continue with your life with dignity and honesty from now on. In addition, Momoa highlights in the publication the unwavering devotion that both he and Bonet feel towards life and their children.

The actors met in 2005, but it was not until 2017 that they celebrated their wedding. During these years they have raised two children together. However, they are not the only members of the family. Bonet was previously married to the popular musician Lenny Kravitz, and with him he had a daughter, actress Zoë Kravitz (Divergent, Big Little Lies).

Lisa bonnet became famous thanks to the series The Cosby Show (Bill Cosby’s hour) that aired during the years 1984 and 1992. Later, the actress has also worked in films such as The Angel’s Heart (1987), Public Enemy (1998) o Alta Fidelidad (2000) among others.

For its part, Jason momoa, who began his career in the world of acting in the series Baywatch, achieved success in the series Game of Thrones and from then on he is known for playing Aquaman in Warner Bros movies based on DC comics. This year the actor will premiere the sequel to Aquaman, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

Vaccines and aliens?

Now the American press and Hollywood gossip circles are airing their disagreement. She is a denier and anti-vaccine, and has astonished everyone by saying that she believes vaccines “introduce aliens into our bodies that end up triggering leukemia, multiple sclerosis, or even sudden death.” Momoa does not think the same, and the couple has decided to put distance, physical and emotional.