The demanding requests of Alfredo Benavides to sign a contract with Andrés Hurtado, for 50 thousand dollars?

Don’t let your opportunities pass you by! Comedian Alfredo Benavides attended the program as a guest “Saturday with Andrés”without expecting to be received with a million-dollar contract in which they met several of their demands in order to work with Andrés Hurtado in Pan American TV.

It should be noted that “J.B. on ATVs” It is one of the most watched comedy programs on national television, which is in charge of his brother Jorge Benavides, but it seems that he would not earn the same amount that he now receives as a job offer. What are the comedian’s requests to sign a contract? We tell you the details, here.

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What are the requirements of Alfredo Benavides to sign a contract with Andrés Hurtado?

In the last broadcast of the “Sábado con Andrés” program on March 18, 2023, the comedian received a job offer from the driver Andres Hurtadowho did not hesitate to praise him as “the best humorist in the country” in order to convince him to stay and work with him.

Within your requirements to enter to work with the Pan American TV presenter is to have a totally white dressing room with air conditioning, a chef who prepares what he likes, a bartender to prepare the drinks and a 4 meter long table with the following food:

  • 5 dozen assorted makis
  • 5 dozen chicken sandwiches with celery and mayonnaise
  • 5 dozen mixed empanadas
  • Chicken and beef fillets with chili
  • 5 portions of French fries
  • 5 family pizza boxes
  • 20-portion chocolate cake
  • 1 gold label whiskey, 2 bottles of red wine, 1 vodka and 1 rum
  • 5 liters of frozen soda with ice on the side

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How much will Alfredo Benavides receive to work with Andrés Hurtado?

The figure that Alfredo Benavides he will receive for being part of the “Sábado con Andrés” team is a millionaire amount and was decisive for the comedian to put his signature on the contract.

“Wait a while, here is an important detail, the monthly remuneration will be… Uyyyy, is this true?” he said. the comedian being quite astonished to read that the payment of 50 thousand dollars per month is specified for all of 2023.

After seeing that he will earn a large sum of money, he did not hesitate to sign the contract and indicate that it was his turn to say goodbye to ‘JB en ATV’: “To my brother, Jorge (Benavides), thank you for everything,” he commented causing laughter in Andres Hurtado.

This is Alfredo Benavides’ contract where it is stated that he will earn 50 thousand dollars. Source: Diffusion.

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Will Alfredo Benavides leave “JB en ATV”?

On multiple occasions it has been mentioned that the comedian does not maintain any contractual employment relationship due to his participation in his brother’s program Jorge BenavidesTherefore, he does not maintain impediments to work in another television house.

However, everything related to the signing of the contract that was seen in the transmission of “Saturday with Andrés” it’s part of a parody, but some users mention that he could do it if he wanted to because “JB on ATV” is a recorded show.