The Dominican National Ballet celebrates its 40th anniversary

The Dominican National Ballet, under the direction of Alina Abreu celebrates the night of this Friday and until Sunday 21, the 40th anniversary of its foundation, with the show “Carmen”.

The Máximo Avilés Blonda room at the Palacio de Bellas Artes reopens its doors for the free presentation of the ballet. The show will go on stage on Friday and Saturday at 8:30 pm. and on Sunday at 6:30 pm.

With this staging, based on the homonymous novel, written in 1846 by the French romantic Prosper Merimée, Fine Arts opens its doors to delight us with the story of the passionate gypsy woman who struggles to assert her identity, in one of the most popular ballets popular in the world.

The state ballet company, directed by teacher Alina Abreu, is made up of Alba López, Alexander Duval, Ariadna Roblejo, Darel Pérez, Erick Guzmán, Joel Rodríguez. Also among its protagonists are María Emilia García, María Valeria Melogno, Maykel Acosta, Olga Lisetty Campo, Pablo Pérez and Yuleidi Pérez.

Of its foundation

The Dominican National Ballet is one of the official dance companies of the Directorate General of Fine Arts and it was founded in 1981, by regrouping the two main academies that existed in the country, those of professors Clara Elena Ramírez and Magda Corbett.

In the framework of its 40th anniversary, under the current management of Alina Abreu, it recognized, in a ceremony held at the Juan Lockward bar of the National Theater, the trajectory and contributions of each of its former directors: Eduardo Villanueva (1981-1982) ; Magda Corbett (1982-1984) and (1992-1993); Carmen Heredia (1984-1986) and (1993-1999); Pía Valverde (1986-1987); Clara Elena Ramírez (1987-1988); Magaly Rodríguez (1988-1989); Miriam Bello (1989-1991); Ninoska Velásquez (1991-1992); Irmgard Despradel (1999-2000); Carlos Veitía (2000-2003); Marilouise Ventura (2003-2004); Mónika Despradel (2004-2008); Marinella Sallent (2008-2013); Mercedes Morales (2014-2016); Armando González (2016-2020).

Synopsis of “Carmen”

The plot takes place in Seville in the 1820s. Carmen, a beautiful and provocative gypsy woman, falls in love with Don José, corporal of the guard, who, lost in love, fails to fulfill his duties as a soldier and joins a band of smugglers. Carmen diverts her attention to the bullfighter Escamillo and passion and jealousy will bring this story to a tragic end. It is an exquisite show that presents very daring elements, since the encounters between Carmen and José are very passionate.