The dramatic story behind Emanuel Noir, the leader of Ke Characters

The Ke Personajes cumbia group has become one of the most listened to groups in Argentina and in many parts of the world, including Peru. For this reason, it will reach the Esplanade of the Exhibition Park this July 27 to play their best hits.

This Thursday, May 25, the pre-sale of tickets for the show began, which arrived almost immediately at the ‘sold out‘ turning the band into a trend on social media.

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Who are Ke Characters?

The Argentine cumbia band that stands out for its unique style is made up of Emanuel Noir as lead vocalist and leader, Sebastian Boffelli in direction and percussion, enzo martinez in the güiro and Joel Brem on the keyboard.

Despite their fame, few know the story behind the leader of Ke Characters and the terrible disease he is fighting. In this note we reveal everything about Emanuel Noir.

It was in 2016 when Ke Characters was formed in Concepción, Uruguay. The group dedicated itself to recording versions of quite popular songs in a small room. However, it was only during the pandemic that they became famous.

In this way, in 2022 the boys managed to record collaborations with artists such as La K’onga, Pablo Lescano de Damas Gratis, Ulises and more. Recently, the main vocalist, Emanuel Noir, joined Big One to be part of “Un Finde” with FMK, which became a success on TikTok.

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The hard battle of Emanuel Noir

However, the life of Emanuel Noir It was not always plagued with successes and it is that the singer had to face a tough battle against addictions from a very young age. The Argentine confessed that drugs can be seductive until life turns dark.

Noir reported that he started using drugs when he was only 13 years old and that it was in 2020, when he left his vices, at the age of 32. He also recalled that in his neighborhood there were many traffickers of various types of illicit substances.

“Drugs are a very seductive thing, it’s a rosy world in the first steps, which later ends up being dark. I started at 13 years old, I’m 32 today, and in the eyes of God since September of last year until recently Today I don’t consume a drop of alcohol or anything, but drugs are something very brutal,” he revealed.

“In my neighborhood there were 11 transas, they sold merchandise, faso, pasta base, I counted them,” he said.

In dialogue with the Seres Libres channel, the popular ‘Emma‘ talked about losing power over himself during drug use and that “by the time you’re already mad at your mom, you hit rock bottom.”

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Emanuel Noir nearly died three times

The vocalist of Ke Personajes also recalled that he was hospitalized twice, the second being when he was 20 years old when he fell into a box depressantalmost schizophrenic and paranoid product of psychotropic drugs.

“I suffered from depression, when I was hospitalized for the second time, I was hospitalized when I was 20 years old with almost schizophrenia and paranoia due to the consumption of psychotropic drugs, I was not pointing to anything else,” Emanuel Noir narrated.

He also mentioned that on three occasions he reached a overdose which brought him to the brink of death. However, one day he tried to “blow his head off.”

“Consuming excessively led me to being close to death three times due to an overdose and that generated a depression in me with several suicide attempts, even when I went to the hospital I was about to blow my head off and that for me was already like dirt that he couldn’t get me out and he didn’t want to know anything”, he recalled.

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His rehabilitation and how he got out of the world of drugs

“When I looked in the mirror with an empty face and a lifeless look, my face laughed at me, mocked and smiled as if to say ‘I told you’, and in the mirror I said to myself, you start Wednesday, there is no problem”, Noir reflected on the key day to realize that he could not continue in that state, therefore, he decided to go into hospital and free himself from drugs.

Today, he affirms that he no longer consumes these substances and ‘breaks’ it with songs that play on the radio, discos and belong to the ‘playlist’ of thousands of young people worldwide.