The end of the year is not looking good for the orchestras

The elimination of the curfew due to the COVID-19 pandemic brought a respite to artists and the public who usually go out to have fun.

Although it is true that recognized international artists have already performed at the National Theater, including Santiago Cruz, Raúl Di Blasio, Pedro Guerra, Fito Páez, Francisco Céspedes and Myriam Hernández, the reality is that it is a segmentation of public that will enjoy their artists in a capacity like that.

Theater premieres, symphony concerts, children’s festivals, shows of humor, parties in nightclubs, among other bets, have attracted the support of the public, who have enjoyed their artists amid restrictions such as the use of masks, the presentation of the vaccination card and a room enabled to receive up to 70 % or 75% public.

Outstanding, among others, on large stages include the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Cuquín Victoria at the La Fiesta Theater, the presentations of Kany García at the National Theater, the show with which Fernando Villalona will celebrate his five decades, in that same venue and the two concerts that the popular bachatero Romeo Santos will star in December at the Félix Sánchez Olympic Stadium, with the members of Grupo Aventura.

With the reactivation of activities, the lives of artists, promoters and suppliers began to change, however, the end of the year and the customary parties that take place, it seems that they will be as it happened before the pandemic.

According to the data provided, some at the discretion of the informant, the merengue orchestras have availability in their respective agendas because until now they have not been hired to entertain the Christmas parties traditionally held by private companies, social clubs and public institutions. .

“They are waiting for a signal from the Government on the issue of the pandemic. The coronavirus is increasing and the Ministry of Health is already talking about applying new restrictions, that is a situation that does not paint a very good outlook for us. If the current schedule is maintained, which is until midnight, Monday through Friday for dance centers, and until two in the morning Saturday and Sunday, things are not going well ”, commented the manager of a popular group that requested anonymity .

Villa’s black boy, Sergio Vargas, is saddened by the situation in his sector and predicts that the spirit of Christmas is not felt.

“With regard to the perspective that orchestras can have, I refer to the song that José José interprets that reads: what one day was will not be. Everything changed for the worse in what has to do with carrying out activities, ”said the artist.

The merenguero, who is nominated for a Latin Grammy, whose gala will be held this Thursday in Las Vegas, recalled that even the initiative that had been instituted in the governments of the Dominican Liberation Party, for the hiring of artists to entertain dances, also failure.

But Vargas does not see everything gray, and assures that a group of his companions will not have major problems, although that does not happen the same with others.

“To make matters worse, all of a sudden, that governmental disposition, which motivated the government palace to sponsor events to entertain the people, was affected by the noise that arose last year. In spite of everything, there are groups of merengue that have had their December well set up for a long time, but for the majority that painfully ceased to exist ”, he pointed out.

Sergio Vargas acknowledged that the situation is not only due to the economic crisis that affects the business or the lack of establishments to work: “The most painful thing of all that has happened at this time is that the spirit of Christmas has almost disappeared in its whole”.

The experienced businessman and artistic producer Amable Valenzuela, who represents, among others, the emblematic Conjunto Quisqueya and the also famous merenguero Pochy Familia, had higher expectations for the business after the opening of the entertainment centers.

“We thought there would be an increase in Christmas parties and I am talking about private activities and government institutions, but this is not the case. The information that we handle tells us the reality and from my perspective there will be a decrease of between 50% or 60% compared to previous years ”, he advanced.

To support his theory, he recalled that for ten years he has been marketing the Quisqueya Complex for the Christmas season, with a regular turnover of 35 activities. But today the story is different, because to date it only has 60% of the hiring.

“I’m talking about Christmas, which is when orchestras have a lot of parties, and the curfew has been lifted. In the case of the Quisqueya Ensemble, for example, we have enabled presentations in New York, anticipating the drop here in December ”.

Amable Valenzuela has no expectations regarding the hiring of some orchestras by the government, due to the questioning that was made of the way in which the orchestras were hired.

“The public is eager to have fun,” he concluded.

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