“The Evas Tour”: Ticketmaster announces Eva Ayllón concert and ‘Swifties’ react with memes

ticket master announced a concert for the 50 years of artistic life of Eva Ayllonand despite being a great event, the fans of Taylor Swift, called ‘swifties’, were disappointed. This happened because, a few days ago, together with the arrival of the ticket sales company in Peru, rumors of a possible presentation of “The Eras Tour” grew. However, after the Ayllón concert was revealed, the fans of the American artist did their thing with funny memes.

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‘Swifties’ react with memes to Ticketmaster announcement

The ‘swifties’ were waiting for an announcement about the concert of Taylor Swiftgiven that the artist is currently on her tour called “The Eras Tour“, in which he reviews his 10 albums, from the first, such as “fearless” and “Speak Now“, until “midnights“, in a three-hour presentation. Therefore, it is one of the shows that fans look forward to the most.

Thus, the announcement Eva Ayllon it disappointed them, but they knew how to get the fun out of the situation with these memes.

Parody of the cover of “Lover” (2019) by Taylor Swift. Photo: Miguel G. Diaz

Some users emphasized that Eva Ayllón also has alternate versions of her songs with her name, just like Taylor Swift. Photo: Apple

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Some fans got a little upset. Photo: Twitter

Others just went to tears. Photo: Twitter