The first flying motorcycle is already a reality: find out how much it costs and how it works

Technology in the world continues to advance by leaps and bounds. What a few years ago was perceived as impossible, is now a reality. For example, the Japanese company Aerwins Technologies It has already created the first flying motorcycle in the world which is in a pre-sale stage.

The Japanese company has presented its revolutionary vehicle during the edition of the Detroit Auto Show which ends on Sunday, September 25. This flying motorcycle has been called Xtourism and its first units will be delivered in 2023 for its customers in the United States.

According to the information disclosed in the detroit auto show Xturismo will be able to fly for 40 minutes and reach speeds of up to 100 km/h. In addition, it is designed to offer a payload of up to 100 kg.

The flying motorcycle measures 3.7 meters long, 2.4 meters wide and 1.5 meters high, and has an internal combustion engine and four electric motors. It also has landing rails and runs quietly.

At the moment, the Xturismo flying motorcycle is intended for sports circuits and areas for the transit of recreational vehicles. It is available in three colors: red, blue and black.

The price of the revolutionary vehicle is $777,000 which makes it an extremely exclusive means of transport. Nevertheless, Shuhei Komatsu director of Aerwins Technologies He said he hopes to drop the price to $50,000 for a smaller electric model due to arrive in 2025.