The Great Chef Celebrities, users regret the elimination of Patricio Suarez Vertiz: “You won the hearts of Peruvians”

One of the most loved ones left. Yesterday the first night of elimination of The Great Chef was lived: Famous in its ‘repechaje’ modality, where they put the culinary skills of the sentenced of the night to the test; Milett Figueroa, Nico Ponce, Susan Leon and Patricio Suárez Vertiz. Unfortunately, after fierce competition, Patrick Told him goodbye to the programnews that did not go down well with the viewers.

And it is that throughout the first season of the cooking show, suarez vertiz He knew how to win the affection of both the competitors, judges and the public who observed him every day to overcome the various gastronomic challenges. However, his charisma would not have helped him to cope and he ended up saying goodbye to the program with a heartfelt phrase: “The important thing is to participate and know how to close your cycles well, with a smile. Because life is beautiful.”

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Sad users greeted by Patricio Suárez Vértiz

After the announcement of the removal of Patricio Suarez Vertiz of The Great Chef: Celebrities A strong trend was generated on social networks regretting the singer’s departure and applauding the work he did throughout the competition. Everything seems to indicate that both in Facebook like in Twitterfollowers of the cooking competition congratulated the participant’s performance.

Users on Facebook affected by the removal.
On Twitter, they even called out other contestants for him to return.

With the departure of former member of Arena Hashfollowers on social networks still hold out hope that one of their favorite and most popular contestants will win, milett figueroa. And it is that both Pedro and the model have obtained great popularity for their charisma and funny occurrences within the competition.

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Patricio Suárez Vértiz defends the crying of Milett Figueroa by not wanting to cook rabbit

The singer Patricio Suárez Vertíz was moved like thousands of Peruvians with the main course that the program El Gran Chef Famosos ordered them to prepare, which included a rabbit as the main meat.

However, Chef Giacomo Bocchio asked them to focus on the competition and ignore the situation as a gastronomic professional would, generating tears from Milett Figueroa and the bewilderment of Suarez.

Before being unfortunately eliminated from the competition, being one of the most beloved characters by all the fans of the gastronomic program of latin, Pedro Suarez Vertiz He could not bear that the chefs on the jury minimize their discomfort with the challenge.

“You have the habit of seeing and eating everything because it is part of your profession and it is respected. Eating sea urchins, live worms, I understand, but I also want you to understand that we do not have the habit and that is not a sin, is to deal or deal with animals that today can be seen as pets”, he added very uncomfortable in The Great Celebrity Chef.