The Great Show: Gisela Valcárcel will not present a striking hairstyle for the second reality gala [VIDEO]

Gisela Valcárcel made her new hairstyle official for the present gala of “The big show”. The driver exposed the work that her stylist did for her tonight after being surrounded by the members of the reality television jury.

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It seems that, in the second gala of the popular “señito” program, what many viewers are waiting for will not be seen. And it is that the striking looks that he has been presenting during the “La Gran Estrella” galas and, now with the new TV space, has apparently come to an end.

Throught social media, giselle She has shared a video with her followers where she is seen ready for the second edition of her show, since she is in a space and they appear michelle alexander Y Adolfo Aguilar to greet each other

However, it is also appreciated that she will return to the old curls at the bottom of her hair, as she has been seen many times before. The truth is that, surely, many Internet users who used to publish her memes when Valcárcel came out with a new hairstyle, today, they will be left with the desire.

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Gisela Valcárcel will present the recorded program of the second gala of “El Gran Show”

the television presenter Gisela Valcarcel He has all his viewers extremely excited about his new program because he will have the opportunity to respond to the controversial Magaly Medina, who sent him strong messages LIVE. However, her download was already captured by her cameras.

“We started with the circus, of course, I had to be here in the front row… to see Gisela’s live show, no, what will it be live? Indeed, as we speculated yesterday, there is all the evidence that It was recorded yesterday afternoon and apparently there will be some little surprise,” he said.