The host of Women in command Thaís Casalino will marry her boyfriend after 13 years of relationship

A few hours ago, the host Thaís Casalino, of the morning program of Latina Mujeres commander, announced through her official Instagram account that she will marry her boyfriend, Jorge López, with whom she has a solid relationship of more than a decade.

He recorded all the details in various stories on the social network. Today, Sunday, November 14, the journalist took advantage of the weekend to escape to the countryside together with her family, close friends and her partner, to enjoy a picnic lunch and close with a flourish when receiving one of the news most important parts of your life.

In the middle of the barbecue, the loving couple commented how happy they are to take advantage of that time outdoors cooking with their closest friends and enjoying a beautiful view at the Rinconada Country Club, with the musical background of the song “I want to dawn” of the musical group Bareto.

He also took the opportunity to officially present his mother to the cameras and then went on to record his partner. “We are in the viewpoint of the Rinconada club, I am lucky to have the company of my love Thaís and the whole family so happy making pig in the oven and there are some things that later Thais will surely teach them, “Jorge López commented in one of the clips.

After the revelation, Thaís Casalino showed the ring, a symbol of her love, to the camera, excited. “After having thrown the ring into the lagoon, he gave me a new ring and what do I say: yes always” expressed the host in an Instagram story. Finally, he consolidated this moment in a publication with the following description: “Siii !! Always! I love you infinite, Jorge, the infinite dream !! ”.

During the Women in command program, the host Thais Catalino recalled that when she was 14 years old, she spent only half an hour on Tarata Street, Miraflores, before the tragic terrorist attack occurred in the 90s that left at least 25 dead as a result of the outbreak. of two car bombs.

“I had a fifteen-year-old and in Tarata they sold little bows, at that time it was fashionable. He was between 13 and 14 years old. I went there to buy it. When I got home I saw the news of the attack “ express.

The journalist criticized the statements of the music producer when he had a dispute with the singer Pamela Franco. Huarac mentioned cosmetic operations that he would have paid to make the singer look slimmer.

However, Thaís Casalino did not like Nilver’s behavior and decided to comment. “Don’t you think those statements were wrong? She is a woman, not a product. We are in this time in a fight against gender violence. The objectification of women, treating women as one thing, saying that you are the owner of her because you did the surgery or that she owes you something because you performed surgeries, it hurts all women ”, he rebuked.

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