The large family of Chino Risas: how many children does he have and who inspired him to be a comedian?

He prepares for the cameras. the comedian Alcy Cleyde Nivin Pachecobetter known as ‘Chino Risas’, is one of the main figures of the program “Jirón del humor”, which will be broadcast on weekends on the latin signhoping to cause laughter among viewers to stay current.

However, very few fans of the traveling comedian really know about his personal life, since even his real name is a mystery to those who have heard it on the Chabuca Grande Mall. How many children does the street artist have? We tell you, here.

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How many children does Chino Risas have?

In an interview with the Trome newspaper, the comedian He revealed that he has a large family, either counting his brothers or his own children, for whom he has always mentioned as his engine to continue working and showing his talent.

“(In brothers we are) 10 and I have 5 children,” he revealed for the first time, causing laughter in his interviewer who joked that both his father and he are productive people, so they have a large family.

It should be noted that in his Family history He is very aware of his parents, because they did everything possible to make their children grow by keeping them very well fed, despite being several members. An example that he now follows.

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Who inspired Chino Risas to be funny?

A story that the popular Chinese Laughter he often repeats in his interviews is how he became a comedian, since his story goes back to when he was approximately 12 years old, when he first encountered the circus and wanted to return every day.

“My aunt with her circus and art pulled me. I played a fakir, a clown and ‘Mondonguito’, ‘Tripita’ came to my aunt’s circus. When they were on TV,” he recalled the comedian in one of his interviews.

According to his story, the humorist’s father he did not know that he worked in the circus until some time later, as he wanted him to dedicate himself to becoming a professional footballer.

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Which comedian was Chino Risas’ favorite?

The street artist admitted in “On the Sixth Day” that he had a lot of respect for ‘Tripita’, whom he met when he was a child and from whom he most liked to learn because of his way of working in the circus.

“In the street I have learned from everyone, from everyone you learn a little and you have to get the best out of each one to have your own style. But I always liked the finadito ‘Tripa’, it gave me a circus, when I I cleaned and he was in the circus, I saw him and his way of working attracted me,” he said.