The luxurious vacation in the Dominican Republic of Tamara Falcó, Enrique Iglesias’ sister

Tamara Falco, sister of Enrique Iglesias, is another of the famous internationals who received the 2022 in the Dominican Republic.

As her publications on social networks show, the young woman decided to enjoy the sun and away from the Spanish winter.

If a few days ago he flew to Miami to spend Christmas Eve with his mother, Isabel preysler, and all her siblings at Chábeli Iglesias’ house, now she has taken another plane to meet her boyfriend, Íñigo Onieva, in Dominican Republic, where Tamara Falco said goodbye to the year 2021.

As reported by Spanish media, the businessman traveled to Santo Domingo just after celebrating Christmas Eve and Christmas in Madrid with his family and he did it with a group of friends, among whom were Luisa Bergel and her partner Cristian Flórez, with whom A couple of weeks before, Tamara and he had celebrated Luisa’s birthday with a big party in which everyone was dressed as the characters from the Game of Thrones series.

According Vanity fair from Spain, after having a great time with all his brothers (including Julio Iglesias Jr and Enrique Iglesias) in the house that her sister Chábeli has in Pinecrest (Miami) and enjoying the company of her nephews (especially Enrique and Anna Kournikova’s children, whom she sees less often), Tamara took a flight to meet again with Onieva after a week apart. The couple and their friends are settled in Playa Palmilla, a small and isolated paradise in the southwest of the Este national park, in La Romana.

To get there, you can get there by boat from Bayahibe -one of the tourist cities par excellence of the Dominican Caribbean coast- or La Romana, since it cannot be reached by land. Nearby is Isla Saona, a paradisiacal place surrounded by the Parque Nacional del Este, one of the most touristic places in Punta Cana. Palmilla Beach has about 800 meters of white sand and a huge coral terrace parallel to the beach, which separates the natural pool of the open sea giving rise to a geological wonder.