The Mayor’s Office of the National District and Vimenca agree to create the “Monument to the Dominican Diaspora”

The Mayor’s Office of the National District (ADN) and Agent of Remittances and Change Vimenca have signed this Monday an inter-institutional cooperation agreement through which they will develop the project “Monument to the Dominican Diaspora”, which consists of the comprehensive improvement and revitalization of public space in the eastern margin of the intersection formed by Abraham Lincoln and Bolívar avenues.

This monument will have an urban design that will revitalize this area and with construction standards designed to resist natural phenomena.

The design has been the work of the Dominican sculptor Ezequiel Taveras, who embodies his vision of the Dominican immigrant, since he resides in New York City, USA The project is accompanied by the urban design by the architect Marcos Barinas. The monument will be inaugurated in mid-2022.

The signing ceremony, held at the City Hall of Ciudad Colonial, was led by Mayor Carolina Mejía and Giselle Méndez Saba, Senior Executive Vice President of Remittance and Exchange Agent Vimenca. Also present were Giselle Marie Méndez Sued, Vice President of Business and Operations of Remittance and Exchange Agent Vimenca; Víctor Virgilio Méndez Saba, president of Banco Vimenca; Christina de los Santos, Vice President of Marketing at Grupo Vimenca; Jocelle Heinsen, Director of Communications and Marketing at Grupo Vimenca; Marcos Barinas, architect and urban planner. The DNA was attended by the technical secretary, Jesús D’Alessandro; the Legal Director, Ricardo Ayanes; the Director of Communications, Elizabeth Mateo, the Director of Urban Planning, Mayobanex Suazo; the governor of the City Hall, Beatriz González.

Mayor Carolina Mejía thanked Agent of Remittances and Change Vimenca for assuming this city project and the commitment to support the municipal government in providing better living conditions for citizens.

“This monument, in addition to honoring our people, our emigrants, who leave without knowing anything, with dreams, with hopes, with courage and an extraordinary capacity for work, rather than honoring them, it honors the love they always feel for their homeland. , for its people, “said the head of the council.

For her part, Giselle Marie Méndez Sued, Vice President of Business and Operations at Vimenca, seeks to highlight the longings, determination and constant adaptability of Dominicans who emigrate.

“Our hope with this work is that anyone who lives abroad or who has a loved one far away, identifies with the monument and the feelings that we want to convey through it. And that our and our compatriots in the diaspora know that we recognize their value, their work, their eternal love for their country from a distance, “said Méndez Sued.

This initiative responds to ADN’s commitment to improve the walkability of the city and thus raise the quality of life of its inhabitants and visitors, it also corresponds to the long history of excellent corporate practices of Grupo Vimenca, social responsibility and commitment to beautification and development of the city of Santo Domingo.