The most viral Yailin is denounced for physical assault on a show commentator

The entertainment commentator Nelsy Maglene Feliz Ferreras (Stove or Happy Mey) denounced the urban singer Jorge Guillermo Diaz (Yailin the most viral) and his sister, Kimberly Michell William (Mommy Kim), on January 20 before the Villa Juana Community Prosecutor’s Office, in the National District, for physical assault.

The document details that on the afternoon of January 19, the plaintiff was at the Riva Hair Center beauty center, in Sambil, when Yailin arrived at that place with Kimberly and two other women and, after exchanging words, Anuel’s wife AA “threw her cell phone at my head.”

Likewise, Feliz told the authorities that when he found out about Yailin’s pregnancy status, he tried to “grab her hands,” but Kimberly “also assaulted me, they hit me in the face, my head, they ripped off the extensions, they hit me in the arms a lot, my neck is immovable, the blows they gave me were with their fists and they scratched me”.

Finally, Feliz, who works as one of the panelists on the radio show “El Show de Luinny”, explained that the next day “I woke up with such strong pain in my body” due to the beating she received at the hands of the sisters. William. She also maintained that both were posting mockery of what happened on social networks.

So far, neither the dembowsera nor her representatives have offered their version of the situation.