The mysterious origin of the pink diamond that has been sold for more than 34 million dollars

An extraordinary pink diamond it sold last Thursday for $34.8 million in just two minutes at a New York auction house. This transaction, in addition to its large proportions, stood out for being a gem whose vivid color is not formed in the same way as other types of diamonds.

baptized as Eternal Pink, this 10.57-carat diamond was mined in 2019 at the Damtshaa mine in Botswana. Since then, it has been carved and set into a ring.

Unlike other pink diamonds, Eternal Pink possesses “flawless” clarity, with an electric “bubble-gum” pink color, according to auction house Sotheby’s, which describes it as “the most important pink diamond” that has never been on the market.

Pink diamond Eternal Pink. Photo: Sotheby’s

What is the origin of this pink diamond?

Most of the colors in diamonds are due to the presence of trace elements, such as nitrogen in yellows or boron in blues.

However, there is no evidence that the pink is due to a specific trace element. That is, it does not have a known exact cause.

“The best explanation available [para los diamantes rosas] at present is that its color is the result of stress at the atomic level“, indicates Sotheby’s on its website.

Such stress is due to the fact that diamonds form deep in the Earth’s mantle, where extreme pressures and temperatures compress carbon atoms into a robust crystalline structure, giving the diamond its shape.

Layers of the Earth. Photo: diffusion

“Powerful volcanic eruptions displace these diamonds and carry them into the earth’s crust, where they can remain for millions of years before erosion washes them into waterways or is dug up by miners,” the publication added.

What makes Eternal Pink even more intriguing is that it is a 10+ carat diamond that is free of other minerals and impurities, which is extremely rare.