The mystery of the foreigners found dead in exclusive hot tubs in Colombia

First was Victor Manuel Lacaya a US citizen, who was found submerged in a jacuzzi at the end of last year in the city of Medellín, Colombia. And now the strange death, in similar conditions, was that of the British Leon Victor Dean.

In Medellin capital of the province of Antioquia, the population is shocked by these events that, in principle, are not connected, according to local media. Lacaya, 40, was in a luxury apartment, while Dean, 59, was found in room 301 of the Luxury Hotel.

In the morning hours of Wednesday, December 29, they saw Lacaya without signs of life after a private party. According to Minute30, on the site were bottles of liquor, cigarettes, food and a bag with hallucinogenic substances.

Lacaya, who would have landed in Medellin On December 17 to spend a few days off, he was with three other people (two women and a man), who were found unconscious around him.

The initial hypotheses spoke of possible theft or a drug overdose as possible causes of death.

This week, the first of 2022, Dean was found half naked and submerged in the jacuzzi in the room. Like the other case, they discovered that the night before I was partying with some friends; although he was alone when they saw him lifeless.

“It can be seen first-hand that there are no signs of violence,” reported Colonel Alexánder Romero, operational commander of the Metropolitan Police, quoted by BLU Radio. “We are waiting for Legal Medicine to give us an opinion on the real cause of death of this person.”

In 2021, 19 deaths of foreigners in various circumstances were recorded in Medellin.