The National Theater becomes a royal palace with Cinderella The Musical

As is customary at the Eduardo Brito National Theater, the first performance of Cinderella The Musical It started on time, specifically at 7:18 p.m., for a show that turned that place into a royal palace full of colorful characters.

Under the direction of Carlos Espinal and the production of the veteran actress Cecilia García, who has the antagonistic role within the plot, Cinderella The Musical tells the story of the most famous Disney princess in a more comical way, having a full script. in a mood that provoked much applause and laughter from the children who were in the audience and their parents.

Cecilia (Mortifa Inferno or The Stepmother) is accompanied on stage by actors of the stature of Gabriela Gómez (Adult Cinderella), Juanma García (The Prince), Hony Estrella (The Queen), Miguel Leondor (The King), Raeldo López (The Lieutenant), Luz García (The Fairy Godmother), Carolina Rivas (Petra) and Ana Rivas (Gertrudis). In addition to the girl Cinderella, the dancers, Cinderella’s parents and the little animals, who had important interventions in the story.

In the musical that lasted almost two hours, some characters are more important than others. Such is the case of Hony Estrella, who embodies an intense and sparkling queen and who, contrary to the original story, has frequent participation.

In the same way, Raeldo López, the witty lackey of the king who even with his dance provokes laughter from all those present.

Cinderella The Musical will be performing this Saturday at 7:00 p.m., and tomorrow Sunday with two performances, one at 11 in the morning and the other at 5 in the afternoon.

Tickets can be purchased at the National Theater box office and at Uepa Tickets virtually and physically at Jumbo and El Nacional.