The new Louis Vuitton wallet from La Insuperable, valued at 139 thousand pesos

Urban exponents have been characterized by not limiting themselves when it comes to pleasing their expensive tastes. The most recent example of this is that of The insuperable, who made use of his social networks to show off his new briefcase Louis Vuitton, valued at nothing more and nothing less than RD $ 139,000.

“A little detail, happy. A whim to go to the supermarket, go down to the grocery store, from time to time go to dinner there … a slight thing. It came out ”, commented the urban exponent in a story posted on her account Instagram while showing off his new acquisition.

In order not to leave room for doubts, the interpreter of songs like “Chew and swallow” and “I have the right” showed the purchase invoice to his followers in which the exact amount he paid for the purchase is detailed. briefcase: RD $ 139,000. “Let me see because if you do not show the bill, you are not in na ‘”, he said.

Several local entertainment pages shared the video in which reactions were swift. “How much lack of humility there is in this society”, “What is vanity, because you have to tell the truth, these wallets have nothing beautiful”, “He who is ‘poplar’ reveals himself. You will never see JLo, Kate Middleton, Kylie Jenner or any rich from birth showing the price of anything brand that has been bought “, are some of the comments left by users of the social network in the publication.