The oldest person in the world dies at the age of 118: it is a French nun

The mayor of the city of Toulon, in France, reported that the sister andre He passed away at the age of 118 last Tuesday, December 17. She is about a French nun who was recognized as the world’s longest-lived person after the death of Kane Tanaka, a Japanese businesswoman who held the record for being the oldest person on the planet until her death in April 2022 at 119 years and 107 days.

herbert falco broke the news via his personal Twitter account. “It is with immense sadness and many emotions that I learn of the death tonight of our Dean of Humanity”, manifested.

For his part, the nun’s spokesman, David Tavella, He explained that the nun left this world at 2:00 am (French time) and that she spent her last days in Toulon.

“There is great sadness, but she wanted it to happen. It was her desire to join her beloved brother. For her, it’s freedom,” added Tavella.

It is worth mentioning that Sister André was born with the name of Lucile Randon on February 11, 1904; that is, in a few weeks he would have turned 119 years old.

In April 2022, Guinness World Records issued a statement about Randon’s life, in which she dedicated much of her life to church service and cared for children during the WWII before becoming a Catholic nun. Subsequently, she cared for orphans and the elderly in a hospital for 28 years. Guinness distinguished her as the longest-lived nun who ever lived.

The long period of life of Sister André allowed her to witness the management of 18 presidents of France and saw how 10 popes passed through the Vatican presiding over the Catholic Church.

The title of person with the longest life belongs to the French Jeanne Louise Calment, who lived 112 years and 164 days, according to the Guinness World Records statement.

After the death of sister André, now the oldest person is the Venezuelan Juan Vicente Perez Mora, who was born on May 27, 1909 and is close to turning 114 years old.