The peculiar relationship of the Loza sisters after their friendship: “We greet each other for parties”

Together but not scrambled? It is no secret to anyone that for a long time the model Tepha Loza was estranged from her sister Melissa from her, because it was a fact that was more evident when they shared work in “This is war” and the tension between them was so strong that you could see the discomfort.

Until in 2021, the youngest of the sisters stood in front of the cameras of America TV to speak tearfully with Melissa Loza and ask him for forgiveness, becoming a reconciliation that moved everyone present. Have there been any changes in your treatment since then? We tell you the details, here.

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How are Melissa and Tepha Loza getting along right now?

In an interview for Mario Irivarren and Fabianne Hayashida’s YouTube channel, the influencer commented that the relationship with Melissa Loza It didn’t change much because they don’t usually visit each other and don’t know much about their personal lives.

“From there we began to create this relationship again, but it also stayed there. For her, it’s her and that’s it, her privacy takes care of her, but I’m more emotional. I felt that I healed that pain that she had, I felt that I threw it away, ”she confessed. couple of mario neumannassuring that he does not see his nieces.

Later he detailed how his communication with the participant of “This Is War”: “We greeted each other for parties, she also wrote to me, everything was fine, but that was it. It’s strong because it’s not like you fight with your friend and you become friends again. In this case she is your sister,” she said.

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How was the reconciliation of Melissa and Tepha Loza?

The reconciliation of the loza sisters It occurred during the broadcast of the program “Esto Es Guerra”, when the atmosphere was quite moved by an accident suffered by Elías Montalvo and made everyone reflect on the importance of life.

“It was a hard time, especially for me, because I always admired her or always wanted to be there with her and everything. And if it happened, it’s because Elías happened and she said a few words that made me cry. She moved me and made me feel something and I was not thinking of approaching or anything, because I did not know whether to do it or not. I knew that she was never going to do it because I know that she is a super proud person, “he said in COM FM.

In the images you can see how they give each other a long hug that made everyone present on América TV cry who knew what the sisters’ relationship was like.

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Did Tepha Loza do something against Melissa to make them distance themselves?

To date, the reasons why Melissa and Tepha Loza do not have a bond of brotherhood are unknown, since both preferred to keep this intimate issue a secret, to avoid comments from the press.

“I want to clarify that I apologized, but not because I did something against her, but for other personal reasons, but not because I misbehaved with her,” he said. the youngest of the sisters.