The power of love: Ricardo Delgado faces Sebastián Tamayo for Shirley Arica

Episode 92 of The Power of Love broadcast on its YouTube channel on November 16, featured the new member of the men’s house, the Ecuadorian Ricardo Delgado. The Quito model did not miss the opportunity to point out, in the round of questions and answers at the women’s house, his interest in Shirley Arica. The Peruvian has maintained a strained relationship with the Colombian Sebastián Tamayo and after several chapters of intense drama, they broke up. “I would marry Shirley”, Delgado stated.

On the other hand, in the place of the men there was already evidence of a certain animosity towards the newcomer. Sebastián Tamayo baptized him as “the committed one”, alluding to the relationship that the new member had with the model Laura Florez until weeks before entering the reality show.

In a preview of what will be seen in episode 93, Ricardo Delgado and Shirley Arica meet in the red room and he confesses that he considers her a “pretty difficult to deal with” woman. “But when you know how to treat, you open up”, he confesses to him.

In another moment of the advance, the new member of The Power of Love did not hesitate to affirm that Shirley Arica never took Sebastián Tamayo seriously.

However, the atmosphere became more tense when Ricardo Delgado told the Colombian in front of him that if he is not with the Peruvian model it is because he has had a bad attitude.

“Maybe you have not been man enough to fill those spaces”, He snapped, and later called him a ‘clown’.

“You are a clown, but tattooed,” replied Sebastián Tamayo.