The precise moment a fisherman finds out he won the lottery and is a millionaire [VIDEO]

Most of us have ever played the lottery thinking that maybe we will win it and we can have a life without haste. This is the case of a fisherman who went viral for his touching reaction when he found out that he had won the jackpot.

In the video that is on YouTube you can see how the man was working in the river when he heard the news, so one of his relatives came to give him the great news.

The man Valmir, who is known as “Didi“He bought the ticket without imagining that he would become a millionaire after hit 39 numbers so he got a whopping 1,000,000 reais ($ 175,982) in the draw held on the last December 29.

The brother was the one who recorded the video that was made viral in Youtube and other social networks. In the clip it is seen how the lucky man celebrates with his family, between hugs and even tears, the scene moved more than one users on the platforms.

See where Papanduva’s newest millionaire is“Said a woman in the capture. For his part, Valmir jokingly replied that he would continue fishing after the news they gave him.

It is worth mentioning that this event happened in the state of Santa Catalina, in southern Brazil and the ticket was for Trimania Cap. Then the emotional moment that became a trend in the social networks: