The reaction of the producer of the Adventure show to the Public Health warning

In a communication sent to Diario Libre journalists, after the information provided by the current Minister of Public Health, Daniel Rivera, about the lack of permission to close the Immortal tour at the Olympic Center, the show’s producer, Symon Diaz, clarified that they work in coordination with the health authorities to ensure that anticovid protocols are respected and that the permit application is ongoing and awaiting a response.

“As has always been the practice of the company, we are respectful of all regulations for public concerts, especially in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic,” begins the message Díaz.

“The processing of the corresponding permits is in progress … The application is submitted and we await approval and recommendations for the place. Our company is the most interested in keeping a strict protocol in our concerts working hand in hand with the authorities ”, said Saymon Díaz.

In a meeting with the press to give details of the show, the businessman had already spoken about the steps they would take to ensure that the protocols are guaranteed at the concert.

“At that point we are going to be very strict and we will abide by the sanitary protocol established by the authorities of the Ministry of Public Health. People who arrive at the stadium will not be able to enter without the proper vaccination card, which will be validated by a staff that will be at all the doors that give access to the facilities, “explained the artistic entrepreneur., Said in the meeting with the press .

Díaz revealed that the first show scheduled for December 18 sold out immediately, and this forced them to perform a new function. “Romeo Santos and Grupo Aventura will have a second show on Sunday, December 19 at 8:00 pm,” he said at the time.