The reason why Dayanita will travel to Europe, will she stay to live in the Old Continent?

Dayanita has embarked on a new course for her career as a comic actress and after leaving Jorge Benavides’ program, “JB en ATV”, where she was seen for the first time on television, she has revealed that she will leave Peru to offer a new show on the Old Continent.

As it is remembered, he was one of the main characters in the Jorge Benavides program and has made families laugh who were looking forward to his appearance on the humorous show.

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Dayanita thanks Jorge Benavides for having remained in his program

For 5 consecutive years, Dayanita belonged to said program and a few days ago she sent a message of gratitude for the opportunity provided.

“First of all, I make this message public because of the love and respect I have for Jorge Benavides, my boss and guide in these 5 years of television career.
My decision to step next to the “JB en ATV” program is to take on new challenges. I leave with a grateful heart and recognizing the mistakes I made, due to personal problems. I hope in this path of life, to become stronger and learn to separate the emotional from the professional, ”she recounted through his official Instagram account.

Netizens filled the comic actress with praise for the new direction she is taking, as there were also retractors who believe that Dayana “got up her temper.”

“Your fumes went up, you’re going to regret it later”, “Don’t leave “JB”, it won’t be the same without you”, “Very unprofessional”, they commented in their publication.

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Where will Dayanita go and what is the reason for her trip?

Through an interview on Edwin Sierra’s radio program, the actress said that she will travel to various European countries in June as part of an international tour, who will be in Italy, France and Spain.

“I’m going on an international tour to Europe!” Dayanita said, very excited.

“Spain, France”, revealed the couple of the comic actress, better known as ‘Topito’.

Given this, edwin sierra applauded the new direction of the former member of “JB on ATVs”.

Besides, Dayanita He was encouraged to joke about his stay on that continent: “I’ll stay there (…) No, I still have to come to continue succeeding and entertaining all of Peru“.

Finally, Dayanita viajará revealed on social networks that the reason for the trip to the Old Continent is because he wants to have a new direction in his professional career and continue working on what he is most passionate about.