The remembered Mr. Barriga, Edgar Vivar, abandoned a career to be part of the cast of El Chavo del 8

The television comedy El chavo del 8, broadcast in the 70s, is one of the most successful series that has transcended time. It was created by beloved actor Roberto Gómez Bolaños, who starred as the funny and witty Chavo. The series remains in force to this day and has marked the careers of all the actors, including Edgar Vivar, who gave life to Mr. Barriga, Ñoño, el Botija among others.

As a result of the Roberto Gómez Bolaños series, Edgar Vivar opened doors in the Mexican scenic world and was part of soap operas, films, plays in Mexico. However, what not many knew was that he longed to study a career and that when he managed to pursue it, he had to leave it to immerse himself in his true passion which is acting.

The beloved Mexican actor will always be remembered as Mr. Barriga or Ñoño. Even so, before consolidating in the world of acting studied Medicine and even specialized in Gynecology, exercising his career for two years according to an interview he gave to Radio Capital in 2017.

“I finished Medicine. I exercised for two years. He worked where everyone else has fun: gynecologist. I had a moment of confrontation with myself, extremely difficult. After two years of practicing my career, the demand for the program began to be very great, we had tours, we toured the entire Mexican Republic and the main capitals of Central and South America. I was taking time away from the medical career and I confronted myself, I said: ‘Would you rather be a mediocre actor or a mediocre doctor?’ I opted for the former. You have to take risks, like every day”, Revealed to Radio Capital.

It goes back to the high school years. The actor Edgar Vivar said that when he was in school he needed to cover some extra academic credits and that is why he enrolled in the theater.

“I went to drama class and (the teacher) heard me speak, and well, I had to go up on stage, and he asked me so much to go up that he didn’t come down again. It was a very decisive experience in my life”He recalled in an interview with Notimex in 2013.

Years later, when he was already beginning to study medicine, a talent scout discovered him and invited him to participate in a commercial. Later, during an advertising job, he met Nacho Brambila, commercial director (at that time), who was a close friend of Roberto Gómez Bolaños; that’s how he met him and the rest is history.

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