The revenge of the ex-VIPs, chapter 12: When does it premiere and what time to see the end of the MTV reality show?

The good is coming. The reality show La Venganza de los ex VIP is about to end and all participants will have the opportunity to have the best party of all, but first Suavecito and Daniel will have to solve their conflicts because it could bring them big problems. It should be noted that after its last episode, the ninth season of Acapulco Shore will be broadcast.

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Find out in this note when and at what time the last episode of the reality show will be broadcast where the Peruvian influencer Aylin Criss participates and find out if there will be a new season.

What happened in chapter 11?

During chapter 11 of Revenge of the former VIPs, Mariana’s ex, Helian, arrived and the tension began to continue because apparently their relationship did not end very well. The new member had a date with Frida, he also had his initiation and kissed Diana because he thought she was one of the pretty girls.

On the other hand, the problems for Ian began after Mariana confessed that she had sex with him and had told Juanita that she had only been with Kim. But the Mexican is not the only one who has conflicts, a new problem between Daniel and ‘Suavecito’ was generated after the first flirted with Kim.

Preview of the grand finale of Revenge of the VIP chapter 12

What time to see the final of Revenge of the VIP chapter 12 LIVE?

The grand finale of La Venganza de los ex VIP can be seen this Thursday, December 16 at 10.00 pm from MTV or from the streaming platform Paramount +.

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How to see Revenge of the VIP 2021 on MTV?

  • Movistar: 602 (Standard) / 768 for MTV Live
  • DirecTV: 264
  • Claro TV: 80 (SD) and 559 (HD).

Revenge of the VIP Members

  • Kim shantal, influencer
  • Esteban Martinez, model and athlete
  • Aylin Criss, peruvian tiktoker
  • Ian Garcia, Mexican coach, singer and model
  • Frida urbina, mexican tiktoker
  • Juan Camilo Pulgarín, Colombian influencer
  • Robbie Mora, singer and personal trainer
  • Brandon castaneda, Mexican singer and coach
  • Kelly medanie, model.
  • Diana Zambrano, model.