The sad story behind Tilín, the boy of viral dance on social networks

“That, Tilín, that, Tilín, go, Tilín, wow Tilín!”. It is the catchy phrase that is heard in the background while the child dances; that way of encouraging the infant plus his grace were enough to make him go viral. However, behind this audiovisual there is a history of deficiencies.

The popularity is notorious on social networks such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. In addition, audio has become popular among TikTok users, this being the main social network where you can hear the phrase for challenge or short videos. To the point of creating covers or songs with the rhythm of the word. Who is Tilín ?.

As published this Friday “Infobae”, the little one is Luis Ángel better known as Tilín, he faces, and today a hard moment after the death of his grandfather, whom he considered as his father.

In a Peruvian program, Tilín’s grandmother, Mrs. Gaudencia, says that her husband – Tilín’s grandfather and who was the only economic source of the home – died during the coronavirus pandemic. However, to that penalty has been added one more conflict that overwhelms them both in the present and for the future of the child.

Mrs. Gaudencia denounced in the journalistic note that the other daughters of the deceased left them with nothing. According to her version, beds, the refrigerator and other household appliances were taken, in addition to the tools from the workshop that her late husband managed. Given that, she is in charge of providing what is necessary to cover the expenses of the day.

However, he had words of energy and optimism about the little one. He sees him as a future dancer. “He has art in his blood,” Gaudencia said about Luis Ángel (Tilín). He continues to be her motivation not to give up.

On the other hand, Tilín said that he wants to be a policeman when he grew up, a dancer and be a great professional. “I want to be a good dancer, a good professional and go everywhere to dance,” concluded Tilín by sending greetings to his followers.

About the popular video

Where does the popular video that came out as a comic moment to viral content in the digital world come from? This expression originates from a video in which Luis Ángel, who is small in stature, is encouraged to dance after receiving a coin. The material went extremely viral on the YouTube platform, before the audio was used in other videos.

What’s more, due to the great popularity of the video, many began to conjecture about the origin of the child and the phrase. Some even thought the boy was Mexican and included him in various memes.

The boy is from Peru, and the dance he performs in the video is the Danza de las Tijeras, a typical dance from the Peruvian Andes.

Inspired themes

Both in the Dominican Republic and in Mexico and Colombia they have recorded themes inspired by this viral video. Crazy Design and Ceky Viciny made a song called Tilín, the one with the catchy phrase in the background. The members of the group NovelPoppys performed the humorous song “Tilín Mambo”, which also uses the phrase from the viral video.