The story behind the song “Yolanda” by Pablo Milanés

“Yolanda” It is the most popular song by the singer-songwriter of Cuban origin, Pablo Milaneswho died at the age of 79, after he remained hospitalized for several days due to a picture of infections, which was derived from an ocohematological disease.

His legacy will live on through his songs. Yolandawhich he himself said singer in the book Pablo Milanes: with its own lightby the author, Clara Díaz Pérez, surpassed him in recognition.

What is the story behind this success and who composed the song Yolanda Pablo Milanes?

In 1970, the Cuban singer-songwriter composed a slow love ballad for his partner at the time, Yolanda Benet, who had given birth to the first of their three daughters, Lynn, and it meant a change in his lyrics, which before were mainly of sadness.


Pablo Milanés with his wife Yolanda Benet and their daughter Lynn, in 1970. (ARCHIVE / EXTERNAL SOURCE)

According to interviews with Yolanda Benet herself, the song was played for the first time one night when Lynn couldn’t sleep, so Pablo took his guitar and played itbut the mother paid no attention to him in the least.

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Later, when the baby was being breastfed, Yolanda asked Pablo to sing the song again, which, she assured, paralyzed her, since she knew how to unite codes and symbols that united them as a couple in the apparently simple piece.

According to Benet, the song Yolanda was composed by Pablo Milanes in only 20 minutes and both agreed that they would not play it in front of the public, but later it would gain notoriety, so the public would not let the singer-songwriter remove it from his repertoire.

“Yolanda” Lyrics

Pablo Milanes

This can’t be no more than a song

I would like it to be a declaration of love

Romantic without repair in such ways

Put a stop to what I feel now in abundance

Love you

Love you

(I love you forever)

If you miss me I will not die

If I have to die I want it to be with you

My loneliness feels accompanied

That’s why sometimes I know that I need

Your hand

Your hand (Eternally your hand) When I saw you I knew it was true

This fear of being found out

You undress me with seven reasons

You open my chest whenever you fill me up

Of loves

Of loves

Eternally in love If I ever feel defeated

I give up seeing the sun every morning

Praying the creed that you have taught me

I look at your face and say at the window



Eternally Yolanda


Eternally Yolanda

Forever Yolanda.