The story of Agustina Mendoza, the young woman who preferred to build her house rather than buy an iPhone

Agustina Mendoza 24 years old, stated through his Twitter account that he has decided to build his house with his savings rather than buy an iPhone. His story has gone viral, but in the wrong way, because local media spread the information out of context.

The Republic He was able to talk with Mendoza, who lives in Buenos Aires (Argentina) to clarify what happened. She wrote on the net, on January 4, 2022: “I will not have an iPhone now, I will eat rice from here in the middle of the year, but I am making my house.”

Her message has received multiple responses from users from various parts of the world who feel identified with her. However, it was taken out of context in certain news portals that pointed out that Mendoza exchanged an iPhone for a house. Information that he later denied to this medium.

However, his story is still inspiring for those who want or have the desire to own a roof of their own today.

Mendoza He had an iPhone and, when he was one year old with the team, in 2019, it was stolen. “From that moment, I couldn’t buy another cell phone, I was out of work for many months. Then I was in a black job (without a contract or benefits) for a few more months and it wasn’t enough for me ”, he explained.

Despite the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Agustina decided to move to Buenos Aires and leave her mother’s house. “I wanted to become independent,” he says.

He said that his father had owned land since before his birth in the town of Marcos Paz and, in 2020, he decided to put one in the name of Agustina and the other in the name of his son. “I started saving and in July of last year I was able to buy the first materials to be able to do the chained which is the basis of the house. So the progress of what is seen in the tweet is to this day, “he says.

He affirms that he is in a hurry in the construction of the house, because in April 2022 his rental contract expires. “On that date I will move no matter how the house is,” he says.

For Agustina’s house, there are still materials to buy that will allow her to advance the floor, the electricity, the drainage system, among other finishes. “I try to push myself to see what I need and be able to have a livable house,” he said.

Since November 2021, he has been working in the systems area of ​​a company dedicated to the finance market, telecommuting and receiving all the benefits of the law.

“Thanks to my job change, I was able to move my house forward. That is my story, it is not that I exchanged a cell phone for a house. It really cost me a lot of effort and I gave priority to building my house before buying a cell phone (…) and that’s why the tweet ”, he said.

Amid the positive comments, there were also users who criticized Agustina for the way she is building the house. “I published it with all the humility in the world and criticism rained down on me, and on top of that, how it was titled in most of the notes is confusing.”He recalled.

Likewise, numerous users have expressed their desire to collaborate with his housing project and, since then, he has received donations. He accepts that his intention in telling his story was not to obtain any benefit, but he spread his Mercado Pago account because many asked for it. “Many people were motivated by my story and they shared because they also want to achieve it and that is nice,” he concluded.