The story of how Gisela Valcárcel attacked Magaly Medina’s urraco in full public space

With a sharp tongue. The television presenter Magaly Medina appeared on her ATV show, Magaly TV La Firme, to launch all her artillery against Gisela Valcárcel, due to the statements she gave about her on her dance reality show El Gran Show . Given this, the popular ‘Magpie’ did not hesitate to remove the “dirty laundry” from the ‘Señoto’ and he remembered the time his archenemy attacked a photographer on public roads. Here at El Popualr we tell you everything that happened.

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Why did Gisela Valcárcel attack the photographer who worked for Magaly Medina?

According to what he told Magaly Medina during his night program, photographer Carlos Guerrero was at an event attended by Gisela Valcarcel to take pictures of him when “Señito” attacked him.

In the images presented, the presenter of América Televisión is heard saying that the photojournalist was drunk. “Leave me alone. Come then, all because you’re drunk, right? I’m the one who makes you the problem, I don’t want to go out, it’s me. Look what it is, I want them to see you,” said Gisela.

Moments later, “Señito” is seen grabbing the young reporter’s work kit and asking him not to take pictures of her. “You haven’t taken a bath, you suck and you dare to make my life impossible, I’m doing sports. I am the one who has made a race for you to eat on Wednesday,” said the driver.

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What did Magaly Medina say about Gisela Valcárcel’s reaction?

Magaly Medina showing the reaction Gisela Valcarcel had with the reporter from his old magazine, he did not hesitate to defend the work of his former reporter and assured that he only did his job, in addition to emphasizing that it was a public event.

“From being a humble worker who earned money like any of us at some point Gisela humiliated him. This speaks of a superb woman completely blinded by fame,” said the ‘Magpie’.