The story of Mario Irivarren’s determination to increase his salary in Combat

To the joy of all the fans of the remembered reality competition “Combat”, Mario Irivarren and Fabianne Hayashida decided to get together to carry out a new project. The tv figures They released a podcast where they decided to reveal details about what was happening behind the scenes of the program that was broadcast by ATV.

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The new show on YouTube irivarren Y hayashida is named “COM FM”it was in said podcast where today figure of “This is War” He decided to confess about some incidents that happened in the remembered competition program. Today in The popular We will tell you what the reality guy mentioned.

Why did Mario Irivarren ask to increase his salary in Combat?

Definitely Mario Irivarren He was one of the most recognizable figures in “Combat”, since he was one of the first participants to enter since the first season. So successful was the competition reality that over the years, the salaries of the competitors was a large sum in dollars.

When Mario Since it was considered that it was a fundamental part of the program, he decided to ask for a salary increase but they mentioned that the channel did not have one for that request. As time passed, the reality boy He mentions that he found out about the new contracts that would come to ATV and what each of them would earn.

So irivarren He decided to get together with Israel Dreyfus and tell him about the situation they were in, since according to what the influencer reveals, what they were paid was much less than what they would pay the new ‘jales’.

It was in this way that Vania Bludau’s ex-partner decided to ask for double his salary for him and for Israel, since it did not seem fair that the new recruits are paid much more than they were, but at first they received a negative response from the production.

According to what he recounts irivarrenHe knew that the channel could give him the amount he was asking for, so he insisted that he and Israel be paid double their salary, and he insisted so much that in the end he managed to get both of their salaries raised.

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Why did Mario Irivarren leave Combate?

It was at the time when many combatants began to go to “This is War”, that the loyalty of Mario He would not let him leave “Combate”, although the producer of the América TV reality show had already told him that he would pay him much more if he agreed to be part of his program.

It was then that the remembered “flirty skull” He mentioned that in one season all the production and conductors went to Latina with a new name but with the same format of “Combat”.

That’s when they asked Mario to go with them and after meditating on the meaning of “Combate” for him, he decided that he would not accompany them to Latina and that if he changed the program it would be for “Esto es Guerra”. It was in this way that irivarren Forma arrived at EEG and was part of the season in which it was called “The origin of the fight”, where the Combat boys would face off against those of EEG.