The tender letter of a girl who donated her gift of the ‘Pérez mouse’ for her friend’s surgery

A few weeks ago, under Mía’s pillow, a girl from Mendoza, in western Argentina, several pesos appeared. It was the gift he received from the ‘Pérez mouse’ after leaving a milk tooth that had fallen out. The amount would be destined to the purchase of paintings to make crafts. But he found out that a friend at his school needed the money for an eye operation.

With all her innocence, the minor decided to donate the money she received from the ‘mouse Pérez’ to use for her little companion.

He took a piece of paper, a black marker and wrote a letter: “Hello, I am Jazz’s sister and inside is the money from the donation for Mateo’s surgery. Amount of silver: 100 pesos ”, reads the short but sincere letter.

Mia’s gesture moved Noelia Muressi, a teacher at the school where minors study and creator of the collection.

“I was very excited to read the letter. Jazz, my other daughter, had a very important role. She is Mateo’s companion and friend ”, Mariana Villa, Mía’s mother, told the Argentine media Infobae.

Jazz, during a family dinner, narrated that his friend had no money for the operation and that they had organized a collection at school.

Mateo, from the age of five, was diagnosed with degenerative myopia in both eyes and strabismus in the left.

“The little eyes line up in the same direction; then it cannot focus. Although for some time he has been wearing a patch on his right eye to strengthen the muscles of his sight, this treatment is not enough. The ophthalmologist suggested surgery, “said Agustina, the boy’s mother.

Mateo’s parents do not have enough money to carry out the surgery. “As time passes, the picture worsens. He is losing vision. At school, although he is a good student, he needs assistance because he does not always get to see, ”added Agustina.

Despite the situation, the school and Mateo’s relatives remain united to try to raise the money to help pay for the operation. While, Mariana hopes that the gesture of her daughter Mia will serve as an example. “It is a bit of empathy, it is understanding that others sometimes require attention, and that together something solid can be built,” emphasized M. Villa.