The terrible disease of ‘Robotín’ and how it affects him to use the paint in his wardrobe

It becomes increasingly difficult for Alan Castillobetter known as ‘Robotín’, carry out his work, since the amount of paint he uses would not only be worrying because of how toxic it is, but could also aggravate the illness the robotic comedian

Although this is his biggest source of income and he likes what he does, it is a high risk job for the street comedian who makes presentations at private events with his ex-partner ‘Robotina’. What disease do you have and how does it affect you? We tell you all the details of his medical condition, here.

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What is the disease that ‘Robotín’ suffers from?

In an interview for the Infobae website, the popular robotic comedianwho became known for working as a human statue in the streets of downtown Lima and performing some shows, said that he has made some decisions that will change his way of working.

The reason why he has preferred to make the decision to move away from his image, which is super recognizable on the streets, is because of his health, since he has been diagnosed with a disease for which he is taking care of himself and leaving painting is part of that process.

“I have diabetes, I take care of my diet a little. But I am afraid that the paint I use will affect my lungs. I have been painting my skin for 16 years,” he declared. the ex-partner of ‘Robotina’.

Robotín takes advantage of recursing with his known character. Source: Instagram.

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How does wearing makeup affect ‘Robotín’ for his health?

Despite the fact that this is a job to which he has dedicated many years of his life, Alan Castillo He has explained that the makeup material is very dangerous to health and he has already used too much of it.

“It’s a decision that I have to make. In about two years from now I would like to leave it for a health issue, because of the toxic makeup, the glitter that I use contains lead and in the long run it can harm me,” he commented. the comedianwho fears that he will get complicated with his diabetes or get cancer.

In this sense, he confirmed that although he no longer does it as ‘Robotin’he will continue to be a comedian: “A few more years and I will look for new ways of working but always related to comedy,” he said.

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What will ‘Robotín’ do when he leaves his character?

It seems that the comedian It is clear to him and he is looking for opportunities that will help him find a more stable job when he decides to stop interpreting his robotic character.

“I would like to act and record miniseries or participate in a movie. But always in the field of comedy, I don’t see myself in anything else,” he stressed again in his interview.

Until now, he continues to work on his shows individually or with his ex-partner. ‘Robotina’but after their separation, both try to take things in peace so as not to affect their work.

Robotín together with Robotina, Cachay and the cholo Cirilo together as comedians. Source: Instagram.