The terrifying aspect of the influencer who seeks to become an alien

Strange to some, terrifying to others, Anthony Loffredo, a 33-year-old Frenchman today better known as black alien (the black alien), continues to push his goal to transform his body to get closer to his idea of ​​an alien.

In his last appearance on social networks, through some shocking posts on Instagram, he shared what his last surgical intervention was: the amputation of two fingers on his left hand to simulate that he has a claw.

A fan of mutations, Loffredo, whose great dream is to remove his skin and replace it with metal, has only just begun his path, because despite his appearance he assures that he has only achieved 34% of the extraordinary transformation that he undertakes in his calling ‘ Black alien project ‘.

Covered in tattoos from top to bottom, –even on his eyeballs–, with numerous pins and several subcutaneous implants in his face and head, the history of the surgeries he has undergone is more than extensive: among them, he started His tongue to simulate a forked tongue, part of his nose, ears and upper lip were removed, and dermal implants were placed in his face to give his skin a rougher texture, as well as bumps on his forehead and cheekbones to pretend to be a reptile.

According to The Sun, the ‘Black Alien’ has been undergoing changes and operations on his body for a decade.

The last one, once again, does not stop generating reactions in the networks, dividing the users: some find it completely disturbing; others applaud his passion and his way of being and claim the freedom to do what he wants with his body; and on the other hand, there are also those who remind you, precisely, that you will regret undergoing so many operations and modifications.

He, for his part, in his publication, in which he shares his ‘claw’ and his scar, sums up: “I develop my inner peace.”