The theatrical universe of Rafael Morla in the hands of Donis Taveras

The dramatic universe of Rafael S. Morla has been on stage since last weekend in three pieces directed by his colleague, author and actor, Donis Taveras.

The Microteatro halls have received since last weekend “All the power to the chicken”, “The shape of the sky” and “The actor”, pieces in which Taveras has shaped works by Morla, something that he explains, has not been fortuitous, but this collaboration arose while the two performing artists were talking.

“I like the issue of power and in those conversations with Morla, we exchanged universes,” explained Taveras to this newspaper, when talking about the pieces, whose functions continue until December 12, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, in the aforementioned room of the Colonial City of Santo Domingo.

For the three productions, the theater director has assembled a cast made up of young students and graduates of the National School of Dramatic Art (ENAD): Johanny García, Gabo Alcántara, Miguel Oniel, Stuart Ortiz, Ambar Santana, Ysabel Paula and Isidora Baraona. “He has that new energy, and comes across three level texts. this has meant a kind of challenge for them ”, defends Taveras.

This group of young actors argues that, despite the fact that the pieces are brief and are presented in a space that does not have the solemnity of a traditional theater, they deal with important issues, but without ceasing to be entertaining. “Morla’s pieces are still playful and profound,” says Miguel Oniel.

They comment that these three works, although they are independent, have in common the fact that they deal with the issue of power from different aspects of life.

In “All the power to the chicken”, politically; in “The shape of heaven”, the struggle for control in couple relationships; and in “The actor”, the desire to stay in the entertainment world.

New audiences
This type of pieces, of short duration and with a humorous tone, despite the seriousness of the topics they deal with, makes them entertaining, which is why they are ideal for attracting new audiences.

In them the audience has the opportunity to be part of the plot, thanks to the Microteatro space. “For the viewer it is an interesting journey”, assures Donis Taveras.