The time Jimmy Santy almost beat up Melcochita on the set of Magaly Medina

Magaly Medina, Over the years, in his show programs he has invited several Chollywood figures, including the singer jimmy santy Y taffy. However, the meeting between the two almost did not end in the best way, since the popular ‘Chin Chin’ lost patience with the comedian and almost hit him.

This moment has become one of the most remembered of the Peruvian show business, since, despite the fact that there were very tense moments, finally Santy and the comedian ended up reconciling.

In November 2006, when Medina had his television space “Magaly, TeVe”, he invited Jimmy Santy and Melcochita, who had had certain quarrels for some time. Once they met, the popular comedian, true to his style, did not hesitate to remind him when he tried to bother and touch him. So, since the singer did not tolerate recriminations, he called him “alleyhead.” The comedian ignored him, so he lost patience and tried to slap him.

Magaly Medina was surprised by the reaction of the ‘Boy with the Eternal Smile’, since he was very upset. Santy did not stop, he began to insult and threaten Melcochita. However, the musician also did not lose patience or fall into his provocations, until he continued with his jokes, in order to calm the atmosphere.

Finally, Jimmy Santy managed to preserve his composure and surrendered to the comedian’s jokes, who assured that he had been more provocative with Andrés ‘Chibolín’ Hurtado, but he had never complained about his jokes and even stressed that the television host had ” more money” than him.

Even when the singer tried to get closer to Melcocha again, he reminded her of all the surgeries she had on her face and, unlike Susy Díaz, she doesn’t mind being told about her surgeries.

Finally, they both hugged each other and put their quarrels aside.