The time Magaly Medina and Gisela Valcárcel spoke on the phone live: what did they say?

Magaly Medina and Gisela Valcárcel have starred in controversial discussions on more than one occasion. However, in 2009, both characters from the peruvian celebrity they drew attention by engaging in a ‘cordial’ dialogue live via telephone. The conversation between the two television presenters occurred in the extinct program “Amor, amor, amor”, which was broadcast on Latina.

communication between the ‘Señito’ and the host of “Magaly TV, the firm” caused great interest in the national audience, since, in the words of Medina, it was the “first time” that they spoke. In that sense, we detail what both personalities said to each other on that occasion.

In the days prior to the aforementioned meeting, “Love, love, love” announced Magaly Medina‘s visit to the television set. The news generated a lot of expectation among the followers of said space, of which Carlos Cacho, Janine Leal and Sofía Franco were part.

On the agreed day, the journalist also went to the headquarters of the channel that at that time was called Latin Frequency together with Ney Guerrero, who worked as its producer.

So, in the middle of the interview, Magaly was surprised to receive a telephone and hear the voice of Gisela Valcárcel. “Comadre, what a surprise!?” The journalist managed to say. In addition, she assured that it was the “first time” that they spoke.

The ‘Señito’ was also surprised and praised the driver for her return to the small screen and assured her that she is “brave” in returning to driving after leaving prison.

“I hope one day to really meet each other. I want to be honest, I haven’t read your book as much as I want yet, but I’ve heard what goes on in prison. I have been to visit her many times. And I want to tell you something (…). You and Ney must be two brave. I don’t know how they did it. But, after everything I have heard, of how you live (…), going on the air after such a short time is a brave attitude, “said Gisela.

Magaly thanked “Señito” for the praise and assured that both are characterized by their determination. “I thank you on behalf of my producer and myself, that solidarity that I received from few people, and now you. We are two fighters and I think that in your way of being you are, because we do not give up easily, ”she limited.

The conversation between the two drivers ended cordially and there was even laughter, since Gisela recalled that Medina is from ATV, she is from América TV, but the dialogue took place in another media outlet. “What are you and I doing on the air at Latin Frequency? I don’t get it,” she sentenced. After laughing and saying goodbye to her, the redhead added: “Thank you, friend.”

Later, Magaly Medina said on her television space that the conversation was “incredible” and was surprised to have had a dialogue with the driver, and specified that this type of situation can happen on TV in the country.

“Gisela Valcárcel belongs to channel 4, I to ATV. And it turns out that I go to channel 2 and three different channels get together by phone (…). She is crazy, crazy, but of course those things can happen, ”she pointed out.