The time Magaly Medina dressed up as a yellow flower to welcome spring [VIDEO]

The yellow flowers they became fashionable and no, we are not referring to Floricienta’s song. This time, show host Magaly Medina did her thing and surprised with a curious and fun costume to celebrate the beginning of spring. How did she introduce herself to your show? Here we tell you.

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When you start your program “Magaly Teve”, the popular “magpie” was seen before the cameras wearing a costume of a very large yellow flower on her head, only exposing her face. At the same time, Magaly Medina He couldn’t stop laughing at his occurrence, while celebrating the beginning of the spring season.

“Hey, hey, spring is here, look how beautiful I am, I am a flower, I am a daisy, I am a geranium, what am I? What you want I am today, from 6:30 in the morning of today September 23, spring day and as such, I am happy, “said the driver Magaly Medina while laughing.

With the arrival of spring, again in our city, social networks are wondering if Magaly Medina could surprise again with an impressive costume, causing joy and laughter in his followers.

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Magaly Medina: Meet another of the ‘magpie’ costumes

The driver Magaly Medina he would have already used other costumes in his show in “Magaly Teve” and in “Magaly TV La Firme”either to congratulate the beginning of spring as he did with his yellow flower costume or to ‘mock’ some of his detractors.

On another occasion, Magaly Medina, also known as a ‘magpie’, used a gift bow as a disguise to present herself as a gift. In this way, she made fun of the young driver Jazmín Pinedo, who would have done an interview without much news to the soccer player Jefferson Farfán.