The time Mbappé ‘disparaged’ South American football and now sees Argentina emerge world champion

the argentinian team defeated France on penalties and was crowned champion of the World Cup Qatar 20222. In this duel, kylian mbappe he scored three goals and was one of the figures of the team led by Didier Deschamps. However, through social networks, many fans of our continent They remembered the time that the PSG attacker “disparaged” South American football during an interview he gave for the international network TNT Sports Brasil.

‘Kiki’ indicated that the level of the European countries was better than those of South America and that, for this reason, they win regularly.

“France from now on. I think Brazil is also a good team. There are several European teams as well. Because the advantage we have here is that we always play high-level matches, we have the League of Nations, for example. When we get to the World Cup, we are ready, and Argentina and Brazil don’t have that.” Indian.

“In South America, soccer is not as advanced as in Europe. And, for this reason, when you look at the last World Cups, it is always the Europeans who win, ”he added.

After the match, FIFA chose Lionel Messi as the best soccer player World Cup Qatar 2022. For his part, kylian mbappe He took the tournament’s top scorer trophy. This, after scoring eight goals.

In addition, Enzo Fernández was awarded as the best young player, while ‘Dibu’ Martínez as the most outstanding goalkeeper in the World Cup.