The time Susy Díaz confessed that she became a congressman because of a wish in the Las Huaringas lagoon

Quite a revelation! Faithful to her beliefs, dancer Susy Díaz traveled to the Las Huaringas Lagoon in Huancabamba and made a ritual to ask as I wish to become a congressman of the Republic of Peru. How did he do it? We tell you the details, here.

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Did Susy Díaz travel to Las Huaringas to be a congressman?

When the dancer appeared on the show “The value of truth” He explained all the ritual that he did with the help of a shaman in the Corazón Lagoon in order to become a congressman with the help of his wishes.

“When you go to the Las Huaringas lagoon, you ask for three wishes and they give it to you, but you have to continue going once a year if you want. The lagoon that took me to Congress, where I asked for three wishes, all come true , but I went to the Laguna Corazón de Páramo Blanco,” he commented.

Later, the blonde He detailed how his ritual was: “I got into the lagoon in 1993, (I was dressed) in panties and a bra, as Cicciolina, who was a deputy, was fashionable at that time, I asked to be like her, appear in the newspapers and channels and it came true,” he said.

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What were the three wishes of Susy Díaz in the lagoon?

In an interview for the Milagros Leiva’s YouTube channelthe former congresswoman mentioned the issue of the gaps again as a sign of respect and gratitude for having fulfilled the three wishes she made on her first visit.

“In that lagoon I asked for three wishes and they were fulfilled… I asked to be a congressman and it was quickly granted. I asked to have my hostel and I have it. I asked to get married and I’ve been married twice,” she explained the mother of Flower Polo.

Even, the exvedette He could not help but joke about it and mention that he no longer wants to marry anyone: “They want to marry me again, but I don’t. Instead of saying yes, I say no. I don’t want to get married anymore,” he said between laughs

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Did Susy Díaz visit the Las Hauringas lagoons again?

As he has repeatedly pointed out, the ‘Queen of diets’ He has revisited the Las Huaringas lagoon to ask for his wishes and thank him for everything he has fulfilled so far.

His last visit was last year, accompanied by the cameras of ATV Newswho were throughout their journey, experiencing how the interpreter of “Vive la vida” was excited to receive the energy of the lagoon.

“Thank you and long live love”, were the words of susy diaz after leaving a bath in the lagoon. She commented that he not only asked her to do well, but also her daughter. flower pole.

Susy Díaz in her last televised visit to the Las Huaringas lagoon. Source: ATV News.