The time that Magaly Medina was very excited to receive a picadoto from Gisela Valcárcel [VIDEO]

Long before the great enmity between Magaly Medina and Gisela Valcárcel originated, which, by the way, is making people tremble chollywood Currently, due to the media war that has begun, there was a meeting between the two ‘divas’ as part of a draw in which the popular ‘little lady‘ gave a crouton to the ‘Urraca’. Find out here in this note from El Popular how it happened.

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Why and how did Gisela Valcárcel give Magaly Medina a crouton?

It all happened about 30 years ago when a young Magaly Medina was a columnist for the missing Hey magazineand that after attending an event in which different media and journalists were invited, he met the host of “Hello, Gisela”, who was in charge of giving him the prize he won during a raffle.

“A crouton for number 32928, which belongs to Magaly Medina from Oiga magazine. Let’s go with Magaly, where is Magaly?” Gisela Valcarcelbefore which the presenter of shows approached and received the picatodo smiling.

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How did Gisela Valcárcel and Magaly Medina get together for a few drinks?

It was the television host Magaly Medina who spoke about the time she met Gisela Valcárcel at an event in Miami, and told how she met with other television personalities to have a few drinks with her ‘comadre’ Gisela Valcárcel.

“It was in 2013, I was taking a sabbatical from work because I had stopped with the Magaly TV program and I went to the fair, I went with my producer, Ney Guerrero, and I was still on ATV. I went and was there Erick Jurgensen, halfway between Gisela and me, general manager of América Televisión, who is now still an influential man,” he revealed at first.

“We met at the Natpe fair. Erick Jugersen, general manager of América Televisión, was there. When Natpe closed, he brought us all together. Jugersen, at the end, invited all Peruvians to the bar. We sat down to toast and ( from there) comes this famous photo. That was the only time I spoke with her, “he added about it in a recent program of Magaly TV: The Firm.