The time that the Angela Carrasco impersonator faced Tony Succar: Have you heard her live?

I am: great international battles It is one of the most watched imitation programs on Peruvian television. Various artists have appeared on the Latina set challenging the established ones; However, luck has not accompanied them and they have had to give up their idea or return for a rematch. In the edition of the last Monday, January 3, the interpreter of Ángela Carrasco surprised with her return to the singing competition.

The television host Karen Schwarz decided to interview the participant María de los Ángeles prior to her presentation on stage and, at that moment, they remembered the tense moment starring with Tony Succar. “I have déjà vu with you because I remember perfectly that you told our great Tony that, suddenly, he thought that way because he did not know the real Angela Carrasco,” he consulted.

Immediately, the impersonator was in charge of clarifying the misunderstanding with the renowned percussionist. “No, what happens is that that was misinterpreted. I never meant to say I didn’t know. (…) I never said that, it was simply a reference video, but it was not live, it was simply because I had rehearsed a format. I agreed with the jury and that helped me to be able to correct my mistakes ”.

In the last edition of the program I am, great battles, broadcast in May 2021, María de los Ángeles arrived to challenge Jon Bon Jovi with the theme “Love me”. However, his performance did not convince the judges: Mauri Stern, Maricarmen Marín and Tony Succar, who was very rigorous with his criticism. “There were a lot of tuning things that are also going to sink you into your playing. You are exaggerating a lot in the air and you are causing detunings that it hurts in the ear ”, asserted the percussionist.

After giving his appreciation, Tony Succar tried to explain to her that despite the difficulties she had to carry on with the show, but the impersonator replied, generating discomfort between the jury and the presenter of the program. “Have you listened to Ángela Carrasco live?”, The contestant questioned the percussionist who was astonished by the artist’s reaction.

Before the challenger’s comment, Cristian Rivero intervened and recommended that she take the best advice from the judges of I am. “The jury has a reference for each of the presentations. They have all the years of life experience to know if you sound like the artist. Take it in the best way (comment) ”, he said.