The time Vania Bludau paid for her partner’s trip and he didn’t even invite her an ice cream

He took away the worst memories! The dancer Vania Bludau She is a Peruvian model who has lived in the United States for several years, but became very popular in our country after she was a couple with singer Christian Domínguez and entered the world of reality shows. Since then, she has gained a lot of fame to the point of going to compete in international competition programs.

That was how he arrived on North American lands and, little by little, he made a career far from Peru based on effort. He works there as an influencer promoting various well-known brands. However, it is these days that his name has sounded again in the Peruvian show business for telling the story of a trip that he had with an ex-boyfriend and he paid all the expenses. What was it due to? Next, we will give you all the details.

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How did Vania Bludau become known?

Vania Bludau was born in Lima on September 15, 1990. From her early years until she left Peru, she has lived in her hometown for work reasons. The tiktoker is 1.68 meters tall and her only brother is called Bryan Bludau. On her social networks, the artist has almost 4 million followers, with whom she works as a content creator.

Although many do not remember, the model did not start her media career on the catwalks, but in the cumbia group Alma Bella, directed by Nilver Huarac. She in this group she was a dancer when she was 19 years old. From there, she began to stand out for her artistic abilities until she met the interpreter Christian Domínguez, with whom she formed a relationship.

That romance lasted almost three years, like most sentimental ties that the businessman has, and ended due to alleged misunderstandings. From then on, the influencer began to stand out in dance programs such as “El gran show” and then entered reality shows such as “Esto es guerra” and “Combate”, in which she stood out for her physical prowess. The same resistance capacity of hers led her to contests such as “exatlón“.

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Which show business characters was Vania Bludau with?

As we mentioned above, Vania Bludau began to gain popularity, at the media level, after she confirmed her romance with the singer Christian Domínguez, which ended for reasons that neither party ever disclosed. Some time later, the influencer left the country to start a new life in the United States.

On Uncle Sam’s land, she started from scratch working as a hostess for a few venues. In this way, the artist showed that she was not afraid to fight for her dreams by putting aside the fact that she was known on Peruvian television. In that environment, she met the lawyer Frank Dello Russowith whom he had an allegedly stable relationship that had a request for a hand in one of the many trips they made, but also ended due to an alleged lack of respect on the part of the doctor.

Many months later, Vania Bludau came to Peru to visit and, on one of his outings, he met the reality boy Mario Irivarren. Both began an affair that was highly criticized by the entertainment media because the models were linked to more than one scandal while they were together. The romance culminated in the alleged rumor that the content creator would have suffered from mistreatment. It should be noted that nothing materialized in accusations, but there was speculation on the part of the former member of Alma Bella.

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Why did Vania Bludau pay for the entire trip with an ex-boyfriend?

A few days ago, the influencer Vania Bludau surprised all her followers by telling a storytime of how she became a ‘sugar mommy’ when she traveled with one of her ex-boyfriends despite having agreed to go halfway in all expenses. Although she did not give information about the identity of the person, she became a trend due to the anecdote that she related.

In this sense, he explained: “This trip was the worst trip of my life, I paid for the entire trip and about five nights, more or less, I paid with my points and that. It was like everything ‘miti-miti’, ‘you pay, I pay another day, you pay, I pay the other day’ (…) we rented a car, ‘miti-miti’, gasoline ‘miti-miti’, ice cream ‘ miti-miti’, everything was ‘miti miti’. I was never going to imagine that everything was half-half. In other words, miserable, he had acted like a very panudo.” He also explained that he got almost everything with his points from his credit card, but the young man did not want to admit that it was cash.