The times that Ricardo Gareca avoided getting into controversy before the parties organized by the players

The beginning of 2022 did not happen in the best way for the Peruvian team. Shortly after the friendly duels against Panama and Jamaica were played Ricardo Gareca He was approached by the press after Paolo Guerrero held a party without respecting sanitary restrictions.

In this event, not only the forward was appreciated, but also three other members of the Blanquirroja. About, the Argentine coach preferred not to enter the controversy and issued a statement that generated division among fans.

Here we review some controversial events that had the Bicolor players as protagonists and what were the reactions of the ‘Tigre’.

The celebration of Paolo Guerrero‘s 38th birthday remains one of the main topics of debate as the country faces a third wave of COVID-19 infections. Although many questioned the attitude of the scorer, the strategist preferred not to take a position.

“You have to let people live their lives, you give information that I think is good, they have to inform people, they don’t have to panic either. It is important that we begin to lead a normal life and each one is the owner of taking care of his life, let people solve his life ”, He said he had hardly stepped on national territory.

The appreciation that Gareca has for Christian Cueva is already known. The Al-Fateh midfielder arouses many emotions among the fans: sometimes they liquidate him on social media and at other times he wins the hearts of the fans with his performances.

One of his last extra-sports scandals was the one starred during Carlos Zambrano’s birthday in 2019 (pre-academy period). On that occasion, he was caught with Luis Advíncula dancing and at the end of the party he was caught in a presumed state of drunkenness and staggering.

“He is a player who has given great satisfaction, of those who when they have to be on the field they give everything. But that does not mean that the selection is only what happens on the field of play, but also outside. If you ask me ‘did you like it?’, Of course not. With the selection you always have to be careful, in everything, because it has repercussions not only on a personal level ”, were the DT’s impressions at the time.

The celebration of the 37 years of Jefferson Farfán prior to the final of League 1 Bettson made the main headlines of the media. Shortly after a new round of the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers was played, it was questioned that he did not respect the protocols in a state of emergency.

This time, the ‘Tigre’ rehearsed a response comparing what happened in other scenarios that also register crowds. “We must continue to abide by some things and not others. For a political campaign, it is not followed. Neither for a march (sanitary measures). I do not justify or criticize anything, “he said.

Although this incident did not involve a footballer, it did involve a member of the technical command. Nolberto Solano He was caught in the first months of the pandemic without complying with the quarantine and this caused him much criticism.

While some requested that he be separated from the position, the ‘Tigre’ considered his actions as a mistake. “I do not make sense of everything that was said. He is a member of the Peruvian team who has made a mistake, like the one we can all make after all this. I think the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) has nothing to do with this. In any case, the error will have to be considered by the Government ”, he limited.