The tricks you did not know about the button on the wheel of your mouse in your favorite browser

The mouse and keyboard are perhaps the two best known peripherals of a Pc since the interaction with computers and the inputs that every user enters to work, have fun, learn, etc. depend on them. While these two pieces haven’t evolved much in recent decades, one of the biggest changes has been the addition of the mouse wheel, also called scroll wheel. Few people know that it holds even more tricks than simply making scrolling easier in both Windows and Chrome and more browsers. Here we will show you everything you can do with this element.

The mouse was the most representative peripheral of the Graphic interface of user that became popular in the early 80s, but the presence of its wheel was not so general until the internet began to be adopted globally in the late 90s.

While word processors and spreadsheets could always stretch page after page, it wasn’t until the advent of websites that the need to scroll quickly required a piece of hardware to make things easier.

At some point at the beginning of the new millennium, the presence of scroll wheel mice was almost total and the side scroll bars of every window in Windows Mac And till Linux they stopped receiving clicks and became mere visuals.

Despite this great evolution of the mouse, not everyone knows that the classic wheel ended up becoming an additional button over time and that a wide variety of quick actions can be performed with it, both in the Windows environment and in a computer. browser any. Here we show you some of the most useful but little named for most users: