The true story of overcoming ‘Pashi Pashi’, the new member of “JB en ATV”: “I slept on the floor”

One of the new figures of “JB en ATV” is the hostess ‘Pashi Pashi’, who in a short time has managed to make the public fall in love with her sympathy and dazzling figure.

However, the model has suffered the death of her husband the same day her daughter was born, as well as going through hard battles to give her family a better life.

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Learn about his story in this note from El Popular.

Who is ‘Pashi Pashi’?

The model is known as ‘Pashi-Pashi‘, but his real name is Mayulis of the Valley.

He is from Venezuela, exactly from Barinas. “I live in a very humble town, a hamlet. As you call it, a farm, ”she recounted in an interview.

mayulis He had to go through Colombia, Ecuador and northern Peru to get to Lima.

How did ‘Pashi Pashi’ start working in Peru?

The figure of “JB on ATVs” He revealed in an interview for Trome that he had to sell chocolates, Marciano, empanadas and Venezuelan ‘tits’. As well, he slept on the floor because he did not have a room in the capital.

Her exuberant body has allowed her to destroy the products she sold, mostly men who bought the sweets.

It is so, ‘Pashi‘ She says that a sportswear businessman called her to wear and show off his clothes in the pichangas (soccer championships that take place in a neighborhood).

This allowed her to gain great popularity, and they proclaimed her ‘The queen of the pigeons‘, going viral in no time.

Given this, Jorge Benavides, who invited her to his program and is now part of the cast.

The hard story of ‘Pashi Pashi’, a member of “JB en ATV”

However, the model is loaded with experiences that marked her for life. Mayulis began working at the age of 12 to help her mother by selling empanadas and sweets.

“I went to school with a round-trip ticket. I was all day without eating. She came home and my mom had food there, she wasn’t much, just a little, but she had enough for everyone, ”she revealed.

Despite this, ‘Pashi Pashi’ studied three careers in Venezuela, thanks to the effort and support of his mother.

I have a degree in Physical Education, an average technician in Civil Construction and Business Administration. I worked like a donkey. And of all my siblings I was the only one who exercised, ”she says.

As well as, she was a construction supervisor giving safety talks, due to the fact that she was left without a job.

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‘Pashi Pashi’ lost her husband when she gave birth to her daughter

The model revealed that her husband died in a traffic accident while on his way to the hospital after receiving the news that mayulis she had given birth to her daughter.

This episode happened 15 years ago, however, ‘pashi pashi’ve failed to find love since then.

“My first love, my first man, my first partner was him,” he revealed.

Finally, ‘Pashi-Pashi‘ She said that her daughter identifies with her husband and for her she is fighting for her dreams, without looking back.

“My daughter, it is to see him. My daughter is the portrait of him. That is what inspires me the most and that is why I do not look at another person, ”she concluded.