The truth behind Marc Anthony’s grimaces, according to his manager

After a video that showed the popular went viral singer American origin sauce Puerto Rican, Marc Anthony, making some silly faces miss while singing, many hypotheses arose about the reason for the artist’s attitude.

For this reason its manager has decided to reassure the followers of the singer who showed concern for their health. “He is doing well and enjoying the holiday season as a family.” This was stated by the artist’s media representative, Blanca Lasalle, who reiterated to the newspaper Puerto Rican First hour that the artist is in good health.

“He is fabulously healthy and the reality of some movements is that he was making gesture pranks on some of his friends in the front row. That’s it, ”he said through written statements.

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The video in question, which shows him while he sings the song Look Like Friday, caused an avalanche of comments from followers on social networks, some criticizing his performance and others concerned about his health.

“What feels tired? Well, how can it not be? That video was taken (the) last weekend of their concert tour. As you already know, Marc sings (never doubles) each and every one of his songs night after night, city by city, so (if) he felt tired, why not? ”, He explained about the voice of hits like Vivir mi vida , Pale flower and Now who, who closed his tour in California.