The Uchulú celebrates her birthday and presents her ‘love’: “Always” [VIDEO]

In love. The influencer La Uchulú turned one more year of life and celebrated it with her loved ones, who surprised her with an emotional celebration for her birthday, but a small detail in her social networks He captured the attention of his fans, as he assured that he presented his supposed new love.

“Today is a very special day for me and I want to share this photo with you. Proud of the place where I come from, my beliefs and customs … I am very surprised, for all the things that have happened, everything was very fast, full of adrenaline , adventures, that today remain in my memories, as beautiful moments lived, each experience in which you were an accomplice giving me your love, support and affection, “he wrote.

It was via his official account Instagram that the figure of El Reventonazo de la Chola surprised locals and strangers by making himself publicly seen with his “love”.

“With my love always” was the message that The Uchulú left in their social networks, where he posed smiling with a young man, who could be his current partner, is it?

La Uchulú assures that she will not record with El Shamuco again

La Uchulú revealed that she is estranged from El Shamuco, the partner with whom she recorded funny sketches. Now they have decided to work each for their part.

“We will not record any more videos together because we have both decided that way. I know that you as followers want to continue seeing The Uchulú and the Shamuco together, but it will no longer happen because recording together becomes uncomfortable, tense and in very bad taste and mainly there is our comfort as a person ”, he pointed out.