The United States plans to deport migrants when it lifts a rule that blocks their entry

The United States plans to apply the immigration law that allows you to request asylum, but also provides for “accelerated deportation” and repatriation of migrants “who cross the border illegally.” when the sanitary norm that blocks your entry is lifted, an official reported last Tuesday.

Currently, the government of President Joe Biden applies a public health standard known as Title 42 which started using its predecessor donald trump as an anti-covid measure and that allows any foreigner or non-resident who tries to enter the country without a visa to be immediately expelled.

But a judge prohibited the Title 42 and gave the government a term until December 21 to prepare for his suspension.

“We are activating our plans for the completion of Title 42,” said Blas Nuñez-Neto, acting undersecretary for border and immigration policy at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), at a telephone press conference.

Once it is lifted, the rules of the Title 8 as has been done for decades, “that have important consequences for people who cross the border illegally” such as “repatriation”, that they “lose the ability to come to USA for up to ten years” and legal prosecutions “for the crime of crossing the border,” he said.

“People who do not have a legal basis to remain in USA under our immigration laws they will be deported,” he said.

The official assured that they have been preparing since February to apply migratory measures, among which “will include the use” of “accelerated deportation”, which consists of returning to their countries quickly “those who do not establish rights to stay in the USA”.

So far this year, until September 22, border authorities intercepted 2.3 million migrants, among whom there are more and more Venezuelans, Cubans or Nicaraguans.

“We already have the capacity to make repatriation flights to Nicaragua with the theme of the nationals of Venezuela We are in discussion with Mexico and other countries to see what can be done in this regard” Nunez-Neto said.

“Obviously today we do not have relations with the Government of Venezuela,” but “We do have the capacity to repatriate Venezuelans to Venezuela” he said, specifying that they were “limited numbers.”

The Title 8 allows you to request asylum at the ports of entry into the country.

There will be the possibility of “individuals presenting themselves at points of entry to be processed if they want to apply for political asylum” and “we are looking at what we can do to have a safe, orderly and functional process,” the official said.