The US affirms that elections in Venezuela “do not reflect the will of the people”

The US Secretary of State Antony blinken He affirmed this Monday that the regional elections on Sunday in Venezuela, in which the Chavismo of President Nicolás Maduro prevailed by an overwhelming majority, “do not reflect the will of the Venezuelan people.”

“Arbitrary detentions and harassment of political actors and civil society, criminalization of the activities of opposition parties, banning of candidates across the political spectrum, manipulation of voter lists, persistent media censorship and other authoritarian tactics virtually stifled political pluralism and ensured that the elections did not reflect the will of the Venezuelan people, “Blinken said in a statement.

The ruling Chavismo won the main municipality of Caracas and 18 of the 23 governorships in the Venezuelan elections, in which the opposition returned to participate after years of boycotts and calls for abstention. “The Maduro regime deprived Venezuelans, once again, of their right to participate in a free and fair electoral process,” Blinken said.

USA and 50 other countries do not recognize Maduro’s re-election in 2018 as fraudulent.

“Fearful of the voice and vote of Venezuelans, the regime greatly distorted the process to determine the outcome of this election long before the ballots were cast,” insisted the Secretary of State.

The United States supports the Venezuelan people, Blinken said, “in their desire for a peaceful restoration of democracy through free and fair elections, with full respect for freedom of expression and peaceful assembly.”

And in an election in which 42.26% of the 21 million voters called to vote went to vote, Washington “congratulated” the parties and voters who have participated in the process “despite its failures” to “preserve and fight for a much-needed democratic space ”, according to the text.

in addition USA which calls for the release of the imprisoned opponents, reiterated its support for the negotiations in Mexico between the Maduro government and the Unitary Platform of Venezuela, which groups the opposition.

This dialogue was temporarily suspended after the extradition to the United States of Alex Saab, a Colombian businessman close to Chavismo.